Church playgrounds offer a visible location for children to gather before and after services and keeps them away from parking areas or roadways. An attractive play space draws families looking for a new church home and offers an opportunity to reach out to others through church-led events that reach out to the community.

Day Care Centers

Similar to the way a classroom is arranged into specific areas or centers, small groupings of functionally separate outdoor play areas called zones can enrich children’s interaction with the equipment, nature, adults, and one another.

Before choosing the actual layout for your playground, it’s helpful to have an overall plan or design for the placement of furnishings. You will want to organize the space in a way that will promote physical and social play while minimizing conflicts.


While the national safety standards for playground equipment as established by ASTM and CPSC are still considered as “voluntary standards”, each state may have its own criteria. Your best solution is to find a reputable vendor, design consultant and installer.

The equipment should also be IPEMA certified, and the design and access should all meet ADAAG (accessibility standards).

Property Management

Well-designed playgrounds and recreational areas in apartment and condominium communities add beauty to the grounds and create a more attractive environment for potential residents.

Incorporating features geared towards the largest demographic groups can help your top-notch community stand out amongst the competition.


An important part of a community is having a place for its members to socialize. Be it just a nice shade structure or a complete playground package.

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