Playground Surfacing


  • Base (impact) layer comprised of black, 100% post-consumer recycled rubber (SBR)
  • Cap (wear) layer made of ½” colored EPDM
  • An industry leader in amount of urethane binder per sq.ft. in both layers

Engineered Wood Fiber

  • Tested Non Flamable
  • Tested arsenic and lead free
  • Meets ADA, ASTM, CPSC, and CSA standards

Artificial Turf

  • Synthetic turf is ADA accessible
  • Synthetic turf reduces maintenance costs
  • Meets ADA, ASTM, CPSC, and CSA standards
  • Urethane replacement roll coats revive faded, dried surfaces and help extend warranty*
  • Patch kits (5-gallon pails with mix of rubber and binder) prevent spreading of minor wear spots

Natural Materials

  • Washed Sand and Pea Gravel in the correct depth will provide you a low cost solution to your playground surfacing needs. The one drawback is that these materials are not ADA accessible, and will require separate ADA pads.