Arizona Outdoor Recreation continues its relationship with industry leaders that are “playground people” who produce affordable commercial outdoor play products emphasizing high quality manufacturing with IPEMA safety standards and proprietary engineering technology

  • Fitness structures for climbing, traversing and motion events
  • Modular playground elements with chutes, ladders, tunnels and more
  • Toddler structures and mazes for social interaction and challenge
  • Plus – other components and accessories:
    • Decks, swings, riders, bridges, poles and bars
    • Tables and benches
    • Shade and shelter units

Arizona Outdoor Recreation offers four specially-designed modular playground lines to fit children (ages 2-12), space limitations and budgets:

  • Expedition line to accommodate larger groups

    5” diameter steel posts
    48” deck grids
    30” plastic tubes

  • Adventure series for limited space and budgets

    3” diameter steel posts
    36” deck grids
    24” plastic tubes

  • Recycled plastic structures

    Made from recycled plastic milk jug material

  • Active Series

    Fitness-focused play ages 5-12
    Ground based events
    Featuring motion events and overhead climbing and traversing.